Vew-Do Zone Fitness - Video Series

Here at Vew-Do Australia we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to use our boards. We’ve all tried adding in the balance board to a few regular everyday exercises to add a little challenge to them, but we decided it was time to take things to the next level and get more specialised with a new project.

Recently we’ve been working with Iain at Behrmovement to put together a series of videos with a huge range of different mobilisers, stretches and exercises you can utilise with your Vew-Do board. The series focuses on the Zone, but many of the exercises can be adapted to suit the rest of the range too.

Iain is a movement coach who understands the importance of balance and mobility and the huge impact it can have on your life. Not just balance when you’re on your feet or riding a board, but balance between all the different parts of your body. A lot of everyday activity we do might strengthen one part of the body, but if you don’t work to keep things balanced other areas might compensate by stiffening up or wasting away, that’s where the mobility aspect comes in. It might take work to maintain access to those movements, but tools like the Vew-Do Zone make it fun and engaging, and are instrumental in preserving that mobility and correcting those imbalances.

Through this series Iain will take you through a great range of movements you can use with your board, focusing first on overall mobility, then some general strength and flexibility based exercises for your core, upper & lower body and eventually some more advanced techniques for those who want a challenge. With any of the exercises shown, you always want to start off with the most basic version first, master it, then step up the difficulty. You’ll get a lot more benefit out of doing the basic exercise well than you will doing the difficult version with poor technique!

Check out the first two instalments in the series below, where Iain will takes us through an intro to the video series and the Zone itself, and then moves onto the first video on mobility.