Why Vew-Do?

Here at Vew-Do we have a passion for balance.  Balance is something that effects us all, often in more ways than we realise.  Almost everybody has the natural ability to balance at a basic level, you learn to balance as a toddler, but few people ever continue their training beyond the very basic level that comes naturally.  Improved balance can have a significant impact on your overall health and well being, and balance training offers many other benefits to both your body and your mind.

Vew-Do offer a great selection of tools to help you find your balance, whether you're an extreme sports person who wants to hone your skills, or just someone who wants to add a little more physical activity to your daily life, we've got the tools you need.

All of our boards are 100% made in the USA, we pride ourselves on providing high quality equipment that will have you training and enjoying yourself for years to come.  All Vew-Do equipment is manufactured from sustainably grown North American Maple, providing excellent strength and durability.

Vew-Do Balance boards come in many shapes and sizes, however there are 3 core ranges that make up the selection of Vew-Do boards:

Performance Range

The Vew-Do performance balance range offer unique functionality among balance boards in that they're designed to accurately emulate board sports skill-sets.  They're designed around a 3 axis movement system, balance both Side-to-Side & Heel-to-Toe as well as lateral movement around the pivot point Side-to-Side.  Side-to-Side movement can also be used as Front-to-Back by changing your stance from even footed to directional.  This provides a much more accurate emulation of boardsports, and allows the rider to perform full carves and rotational movement just like they would in their chosen boardsports discipline, whether it be surf, snow, street or anything in between.

The I-Beam connection system keeps the roller located on the board to ensure it's always aligned with the foot platform while performing more complex movement, and the rollers ("Rocks") are shaped to allow for carving and rotational movement. The combination of these two features is what makes the Vew-Do system perform like no other. 

Vew-Do Australia - Performance Balance Board Range

NUB Range

The NUB range is designed to allow anybody to train their balance skills.  Simple, low to the ground, no moving parts, anybody can get on an NUB board and start balance training with no experience.  Still allowing for balance both Side-to-Side & Heel-to-Toe, as well as the small built in rocks on the end allowing the rider to practice both nose and tail balance.

The NUB range has proven popular for entry level balance training, as well as rehabilitation from injury, sports coaching, and a whole range of other applications. 

Vew-Do Australia - NUB Balance Boards

Hybrid Range

The Hybrid Range features an adaptable system that gives you the best of both worlds, simple and easy to start out with like the NUB, with the ability to add any of the rocks in the range to push your balance skills and advance your training.

Several attachments are included with the Hybrid boards, a foam teeter that allows you to isolate 1 axis of movement (either Side-to-Side or Heel-to-Toe) and train it specifically, a nub style attachment allowing you to practice the basics of 2 axis movement while remaining stable and low to the ground, or with the addition of a rock you can fully utilise all 3 axes of movement just like any board in the performance range.

Vew-Do Australia - Hybrid Balance Boards

 Which Balance Board is the Best?

Need help choosing which model suits you the best?  Check out our article on choosing a balance board!