What's the best Balance Board for me? 

Balance boards come in all shapes and sizes, we've got quite a variety of different boards to choose from and sometimes this makes selecting your board a little difficult!  Often we get the question "Which balance board is the best for me?"  Well, today we'll do our best to answer it!

The most important thing to consider is what you're going to be using it for, do you want it for fitness training and exercise?  To practice your board skills?  Or are you rehabilitating yourself from injury?  Of course there are a huge amount of ways to use your balance board, but figuring out what exactly you want it to do will help decide which one suits you best.

There are 3 different motions a balance board allows for.  Pivoting Heel-to-Toe, Pivoting Side-to-Side, and Side-to-Side lateral movement.  Side-to-Side movement/pivot also functions as Front-to-Back movement by changing your stance on the board.  All of these focus on different muscle groups, applications and levels of skill.

Vew-Do Balance Board Range of Motion

Below we'll break down the different applications for your balance board, and explain what features are important and desirable when using them in that way.

Balance Boards for Boardskills Training:

For boardsports training you'll want a balance board with a large range of movement, that offers all 3 ranges of motion to give you a fully dynamic balance training experience.  The primary focus is on Side-to-Side lateral movement, and pivoting Side-to-Side, but adding Heel-to-Toe pivot will really allow you to push your skill level and challenge yourself. 

Ideal boards in the Vew-Do range for this are the Performance Range, however if you want something with a few more options to choose from the Hybrid range is a great choice.

Balance Boards for Fitness/Training:

Fitness and training boards generally focus on the pivotal aspect of the balance board, both Side-to-Side & Heel-to-Toe.  A great additional feature is having control over how much pivotal range there is, as this allows you to tweak the performance for the board to your particular exercise or training activity.

Vew-Do Balance Board - Fitness Training

The Vew-Do Zone is hands down the best in the range for fitness & training applications, as it has a great deal of versatility, however if you're looking for a simpler and more basic approach the NUB range is quite a good pick.

Balance Boards for Rehabilitation:

Rehabilitating from injury is a similar application to fitness & training, so many of the same features are desirable, however usually you'll really want to focus on controlling the range of motion to ensure you don't over extend yourself.  Start small and work your way up.  The Hybrid range is again going to be the best pick here, as you can start out super basic and through different attachments, adjust the board to progress with your rehabilitation.

When it comes to rehab, it's always a good idea to work with a medical professional to figure out what is going to suit your needs best.  Physiotherapists who use the Vew-Do range particularly tend towards the Zone thanks to it's variety of attachments. 

Balance Boards for Standing Desk:

When it comes to using a balance board in the office, control is what's important.  You want to keep yourself moving but wobbling all over the place isn't going to be all that helpful when it comes to productivity!  Still, having the option to shake things up occasionally isn't a bad thing.  Side-to-Side pivot is one of the most effective ways to use your balance board at a desk, as it means you're able to retain the same position and posture in front of your keyboard & monitor, but keep your legs and body moving.  The NUB range is quite suitable for office use, but the standout is really the Zone Office model, as it gives you the flexibility you need to keep things stable and consistent when you're busy, but still gives you options to keep things interesting and use elsewhere.

Vew-Do Zone - Office Balance Board for Standing Desk

With any luck, the info above will make choosing a balance board that little bit easier.  When in doubt, the Zone makes an excellent choice for pretty much anyone as it offers a lot of versatility with it's range of different attachments.  If you're still stuck, contact us, we'd be happy to talk you through the options and figure out which board best suits your needs.