Vew-Do Zone - Lime EVA

Vew-Do Zone Balance Board - Fitness

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The Vew-Do Zone is a balance board designed to suit a huge range of uses.  From fitness and exercise, rehab and training, and even using in your office with a standing desk.

Full EVA deck keeps it soft under your feet, and a carry handle makes it super easy to bring with you to work or a fitness class.  US made to excellent quality standards, the Vew-Do Zone will keep you fit and moving for years to come.

The Vew-Do Zone comes with a variety of attachments making for an extremely versatile unit, both the Wobble Rock & Foam Teeter are included in the Zone package.

 Option 1:  Simply using the board on the ground, the rockered I beam allows the rider to practice heel-toe control in a safe and easy way, great for beginners or people recovering from injury.

Option 2:  Foam teeter.  Either use it sideways to practice fore-aft balance between two feet at a height of about 3 inches, or place it lengthways down the board to practice the same heel-toe control with more variance, great for practicing surf style riding, longboard cross stepping techniques etc.

Option 3:  The Wobble Rock attaches to the base of the board, allowing for a full range of movement both heel-toe and fore-aft, a more advanced technique and skill similar to the Nub range.

Option 4:  With the addition of any rock in the Vew-Do range (sold seperately), the Zone can become a fully functional roller style balance board.  Compatible with any of the rocks in the range, you can take it easy with the 101 basic roller, even use it with the advanced El-Dorado rock for a much more technical ride. 

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