Vew-Do Zippy Flow Package

Vew-Do Zippy Deck/Flow Rock Combo

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Due to a stock shortage thanks to COVID-19 we're currently all out of Flow Decks!  Not to worry though, we've still got plenty of Flow Rock/Rollers left here in stock.

Spec wise, the Zippy deck rides the same as the flow when used with the Flow roller.  The deck is slightly longer and a different shape/graphic, but the bottom track is identical, so substituting the Zippy Rock for a Flow will give you the same ride and feel you'd expect from the Vew-Do Flow.

So in the interim we're offering this Zippy/Flow package.  A Zippy deck complete with a Flow Rock, providing all the benefits of the regular Flow package in a slightly different look.

All orders over $200 ship free Australia wide. 

If you're dead set on a Flow deck and would like to pre-order a Flow for when new stock arrives you can still do so right here!